Previously, I've: 

  • Committed to a life of creation. 
  • Published a book on the Practice of Presence.  (I have two novels sitting as 1st drafts right now). 
  • Road tripped across America for 3 and half months. 
  • Took on a research project to uncover secondary education.  Interviewing over 100 people at 13 Schools. 
  • Helped launched a financial platform that has grown to manage millions of dollars a month. 
  • Sat in Sacred Silence for 10 days under Vipassana Meditation. 
  • Woke up early in Boulder, CO as a Barista, soaking up all the coffee smells. 

Currently, I'm:

  • Learning music. Staying a student. 
  • Exploring new worlds of Martial Arts. Continuing Jiu Jitsu, starting Qigong.
  • Gardening and Farming. Changing our food systems for the better. 
  • What i'm looking for/to-do: 
  • To have a healthy relationship with publishing content!  
  • Use writing as a tool to connect and communicate stories.    
  • Throw intimate experiences for growth oriented humans. 
  • Get a Yoga Certification. 
  • Continue working with Food.  Shaping how we think about health and wellness.